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BBCC Consulting LTD | Opening of Offshore companies
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Opening of Offshore companies

Opening of Offshore companies of BBCC Consulting.

Offshore companies are companies that, like any other type, serve to conduct business. The main characteristic of this type of company is that it can not engage in commercial activities in the country or use local labor. Likewise, society can not use the economy of the host countries, in particular, in terms of investment, subsidies and bank transfers.

This type of company is usually created to obtain legal security when an investor wants to invest in Latin American or African countries, areas with little legal security. In these cases, investors bet to use companies established in offshore centers to ensure that in case of conflict the resolution of the same does not depend on a local judge (who may be corrupt or does not know the subject in question).

At BBCC Consulting we are experts in:

● Offshore company opening in Hong Kong.

● Opening of Offshore company in the United States (USA).

● Opening of Offshore company in the United Kingdom (UK).

● Opening of Offshore company in the Marshall Islands.

● Opening of Offshore company in Singapore.

● Opening of Offshore company in Macao (China).

● Opening of Offshore company in British Virgin Islands (BVI).