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BBCC Consulting LTD | Legal advice
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Legal advice

Legal advice.

Spanish companies are betting on export to guarantee their economic future and find the opportunities that internationalization offers to reach more customers and increase sales. In this regard, Spanish exports have experienced a growth that was close to 9% over the last year, while imports marked a record high again, increasing more than 10%.

More than 15,000 Spanish companies export to China, according to ICEX data. China is a country in which Spanish sales have a growth rate above 25% thanks to the Asian country has gone from being the factory of the world to be the commercial center of the world with an unstoppable growth of domestic consumption.

However, internationalization is a complex process that requires expert legal advice to accompany the exit of companies abroad. From BBCC Consulting we are specialized in offering the advice to take the correct steps, adjust to the current law of China and facilitate the procedures. All with the aim of consolidating your company in China.

With the legal advice of BBCC Consulting LTD, our clients will know at all times what is the best legal form to establish in China, they will discover the best opportunities that China offers for their company and will know the most efficient ways to repatriate the benefits taking into account the tax in origin and destination.

Our services:

Opening of Offshore companies in Hong Kong, the U.S., UK, Marshall, Singapore, Macau, BVI

VAT planning and VAT Return in China. Payment of taxes: Negotiation with local and foreign authorities. Deal with local / foreign tax Bureau.