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BBCC Consulting LTD | Business Audit
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Business Audit

Audit of companies, tenders, factories and production system.

The audits of a company consists of examining and controlling the economic situation of a company. The objective is to know the things that work, the ones that do not work and analyze how they can be improved. At the international level, and more specifically in China, the audit of companies is an essential step for those investors who want to ally with a local partner and require guarantees from this local partner. In this way, among the objectives of the audits we find:

● Know the current and exact situation of the company in general or something specific.

● Give credibility and confidence to potential investors or financial institutions.

● Detect frauds that are being committed in the company.

● Check the legality of all products and actions.

● Detect technical errors.

● Observe if the work system of the company is being effective and efficient

● Gather as much information as possible to make decisions that improve performance

Due Diligence.

Performing a Due Diligence is key to carry out a successful merger or acquisition in Asia, since it allows identifying the obligations that the buyer will have in the future and the net value of the assets of the target company. And, the law establishes that if one of the merged companies has some type of responsibility, whether fiscal or criminal, it will be transferred to the acquirer or result from the merger.

At BBCC Consulting we specialize in:

● Audits of Chinese companies in Hong Kong and Singapure (Due Diligence).

● Audits of company tenders.

● Audits of factories and production systems.