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BBCC Consulting LTD | Assistance in Court / Arbitration in China
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Assistance in Court / Arbitration in China

Assistance in Court / Arbitration in China.

The establishment of commercial relations with other companies in China can generate disputes between partners. To resolve these possible conflicts, there is the Arbitration route, a solution that can only be carried out when it has been foreseen in a contract established by the parties involved. In addition, the contract or clause must also specify the exact arbitration body to deal with the conflict. For this reason, BBCC Consulting draws up contracts with the incorporation of arbitration clauses adapted to Chinese law (link to Contracts page) to minimize damages in the event of a conflict.

The main arbitration bodies in China are three:

● The China International Commission of Economic and Commercial Arbitration or CIETAC.

● The China Maritime Arbitration Commission, or the CMAC.

● Local arbitration commissions.

To conduct business in China with peace of mind, it is essential to hire an experienced lawyer to help you from the beginning in any arbitration procedure, evaluating the qualifications of the arbitrators and advising on the preparation of the necessary documents.