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BBCC Consulting LTD | Assistance in bank
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Assistance in bank

Opening of bank accounts (Sensitive Countries) in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom (UK).

The opening of bank accounts is one of the services we offer, to ensure that our clients can manage commercial accounts of foreign corporations in China (WFOE, JV, RO). Once the business license has been obtained and for the company to work, the amount corresponding to the capital registered in the company’s bank account must be entered. This account can be opened at the Bank of China or at any other bank designated by SAFE, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

Assistance in incidents, letters of credit and contracts.

The implementation of a company in China can generate some unforeseen problems for companies that do not have good advice, both financial and fiscal. For exportation and importation it is important to have a good relationship with banks and economic authorities to make any economic management agile and simple.

However, the start of the economic activity of a company in China without having adequate advice is a source of problems with banks and payments, which forces companies to hire legal and specialized services to solve these incidents in aspects as important as letters of credit or contracts.

At BBCC Consulting we act to avoid damages to your company, we anticipate the unexpected situations that arise when exporting, importing and doing business with China. Our legal and sworn translation team accompanies at all times the companies that want to settle in China, minimizing their risks and streamlining all procedures.