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BBCC Consulting LTD | About Us
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About Us

BBCC Consulting LTD is a legal and tax consultancy specializing in the internationalization of companies, foreign investment and legal and tax advice. Founded ten years ago in Guangzhou (China), BBCC Consulting LTD is currently a reference firm for Spanish companies that want to work in Asia by becoming the legal, accounting and fiscal bridge of greater guarantee between these two countries. We are one of the only four Spanish firms licensed to operate in China.


We are permanently based in China (Guangzhou) where we serve our customers both in the country of origin and destination. With a staff specialized in Law and Internationalization of Companies, BBCC operates 24 hours a day with the aim of meeting the requests of our clients, who have an emergency telephone number to solve any unforeseen event.

We care about the success of our clients’ projects in Asia. Therefore, we offer tranquility, confidence and experience when a client starts a business project in Asia thanks to the 10 years we have been implanted in China and the constitution of more than 100 companies in the Asian country. In addition, we specialize in drafting contracts, managing intellectual property and negotiating commercial conflicts thanks to our unbeatable legal team.

Aware of the constant development and change of international trade we emphasize our dynamic character and our international vision thanks to a continuous training program that has made us the perfect ally in the areas of export and import of any company.

Therefore, BBCC Consulting LTD offers the real possibility of creating or internationalizing your company in Asia with the help of professional experts with presence in origin (Spain) and destination (China). At BBCC Consulting LTD we are your ally in Asia.

Factors that set us apart from others


For our customers, the Asian environment is something new, changing and unknown. Therefore, from BBCC Consulting LTD we plan step by step each of the services required by our clients, putting us before possible setbacks. The 10 years we have been operating in the Asian market have turned us into a source of tranquility for companies that want guarantees and seek to work with the best when they manage their legal, accounting and fiscal aspects.

Internacional perspective

With more than 100 companies formed in recent years in Asia and in other areas of the world, in BBCC Consulting LTD we update knowledge continuously to master the continuous regulatory and regulatory changes that affect the import, export and internationalization of the company. In addition, our legal team advises at all times on the most appropriate procedures in each geographical area, drafting contracts, managing intellectual property matters and leading the negotiation in commercial conflicts.

Smart Billing

Our intelligent billing strategy allows us to offer budgets adjusted to the required services, avoiding unexpected cost overruns and unnecessary expenses. The detailed planning we do guarantees the best services in minimum terms and with guaranteed results. We avoid incidents and unexpected complications. And all with a comprehensive customer service and 24 hours a day thanks to our offices located



BBCC Consulting LTD is a legal consultancy specializing in the internationalization of companies based in China and Spain, founded in 2008. Our history is defined by the success of our clients.



In BBCC Consulting LTD we have constituted more than 100 companies worldwide thanks to our proven experience in the creation of offshore companies in countries around the world and especially in Asia.


hour service

We are at your fingertips, both in your country of origin and destination. For this we offer a service of 24 hours a day thanks to our offices in China and Spain, where we have a permanently open contact telephone.